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vault-unsealer run

Launch Vault unsealer

vault-unsealer run [flags]


      --auth.k8s-ca-cert string                           PEM encoded CA cert for use by the TLS client used to talk with the Kubernetes API
      --auth.k8s-host string                              Host must be a host string, a host:port pair, or a URL to the base of the Kubernetes API server
      --auth.k8s-token-reviewer-jwt string                A service account JWT used to access the TokenReview API to validate other JWTs during login. If this flag is not provided, then the value from K8S_TOKEN_REVIEWER_JWT environment variable will be used
      --aws.kms-key-id string                             The ID or ARN of the AWS KMS key to encrypt values
      --aws.ssm-key-prefix string                         The Key Prefix for SSM Parameter store
      --aws.use-secure-string                             Use secure string parameter, for more info
      --azure.client-cert-password string                 The password of the client certificate for an AAD application
      --azure.client-cert-path string                     The path of a client certificate for an AAD application
      --azure.client-id string                            The ClientID for an AAD application.
      --azure.client-secret string                        The ClientSecret for an AAD application string                                The cloud environment identifier (default "AZUREPUBLICCLOUD")
      --azure.secret-prefix string                        Prefix to use in secret name for azure key vault
      --azure.tenant-id string                            The AAD Tenant ID
      --azure.use-managed-identity                        Use managed service identity for the virtual machine
      --azure.vault-base-url string                       Azure key vault url, for example
      --cluster-name string                               cluster name
      --google.kms-crypto-key string                      The name of the Google Cloud KMS crypto key to use
      --google.kms-key-ring string                        The name of the Google Cloud KMS key ring to use
      --google.kms-location string                        The Google Cloud KMS location to use (eg. 'global', 'europe-west1')
      --google.kms-project string                         The Google Cloud KMS project to use string                      The name of the Google Cloud Storage bucket to store values in string                      The prefix to use for values store in Google Cloud Storage
  -h, --help                                              help for run
      --k8s.secret-name string                            Secret name to use when creating secret containing root token and shared keys
      --key-prefix string                                 root token and unseal key prefix (default "vault")
      --mode string                                       Select the mode to use 'google-cloud-kms-gcs' => Google Cloud Storage with encryption using Google KMS; 'aws-kms-ssm' => AWS SSM parameter store using AWS KMS; 'azure-key-vault' => Azure Key Vault Secret store; 'kubernetes-secret' => Kubernetes secret to store unseal keys
      --overwrite-existing                                overwrite existing unseal keys and root tokens, possibly dangerous! string                        Name of the policy. A policy and a  vault kubernetes auth role will be created using this name
      --policy-manager.service-account-name string        Name of the service account
      --policy-manager.service-account-namespace string   Namespace of the service account
      --retry-period duration                             How often to attempt to unseal the vault instance (default 10s)
      --secret-shares int                                 Total count of secret shares that exist (default 5)
      --secret-threshold int                              Minimum required secret shares to unseal (default 3)
      --store-root-token                                  should the root token be stored in the key store (default true)
      --vault.address string                              Specifies the vault address. Address form : scheme://host:port (default "") string                              Specifies the CA cert that will be used to verify self signed vault server certificate
      --vault.insecure-skip-tls-verify                    To skip tls verification when communicating with vault server

Options inherited from parent commands

      --use-kubeapiserver-fqdn-for-aks   if true, uses kube-apiserver FQDN for AKS cluster to workaround (default true)


  • vault-unsealer - Automates initialisation and unsealing of Hashicorp Vault