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KubeVault Overview


KubeVault by AppsCode is a collection of tools for running HashiCorp Vault on Kubernetes.


You can deploy and manage Vault on Kubernetes clusters using KubeVault operator. Using KubeVault operator, you can deploy Vault for following storage backends:

From here you can learn all about Vault operator’s architecture and how to deploy and use Vault operator.

  • Concepts. Concepts explain the CRDs (CustomResourceDefinition) used by Vault operator.

  • Setup. Setup contains instructions for installing the Vault operator in various cloud providers.

  • Monitoring. Monitoring contains instructions for setup prometheus with Vault server

  • Guides. Guides show you how to perform tasks with Vault operator.

  • Reference. Detailed exhaustive lists of command-line options, configuration options, API definitions, and procedures.


Command line interface for KubeVault. This is intended to be used as a kubectl plugin.


Unsealer automates the process of initializing and unsealing HashiCorp Vault instances running.

CSI Driver

KubeVault works seamlessly with Secrets Store CSI driver for Kubernetes secrets.

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